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?Question: 46
Which type of NAND flash does Cisco use in the SSDs in Cisco UCS Invicta?
A. Enterprise multilevel cell
B. Multilayercell
C. Single-layercell
D. Triple-layercell
E. Cisco uses SLC and TLCNAND flash in Cisco UCS Invicta
Answer: B 
Question: 47

Which statement describes the ring buffer and how is it used?
A. The ring buffer is a PCIe card with non-volatile RAM. When data writes are in the ring buffer, the write is immediately acknowledged. The Block Translation Layer then organizes the data before it is written to the SSD
B. Each SSD is divided into many ring buffers, which represent the locations where data is stored on the SSD
C. The ring buffer is a circular software storage construct that is used to simulate the behavior of a track on a hard disk drive
D. The ring buffer is where writes are queued before they are written lo disk. To protect against data loss, each write to the ring buffer is captured in a log file located on a persistent storage device
Answer: C 
Question: 48

Which statement about a LUN is true?
A. A LUN is an entire SSN.
B. A LUN is part of a drive.
C. A LUN spans across multiple SSNs.
D. A LUN may be part of a drive, an entire drive, or several drives in an array.
Answer: D 
Question: 49

In which three ways does Cisco UCS Invicta improve data center efficiency? (Choose three.)
A. It reduces management overhead
B. Always-on encryption reduces risk due to data loss
C. It reduces the number of storage protocols required
D. It reduces energy consumption
E. Always-on data de-duplication eliminates redundant data
F. It reduces floor space consumption
G. It reduces cabling because all scaling system nodes are connected dreary to the hosts
Answer: D,F,G 
Question: 50

When LUN mirroring is used, when is data written to the mirror?
A. Data is written to the active LUN and replicated to the mirrored LUN during garbage collection.
B. Data is written to the active LUN first, then replicated to the mirrored LUN.
C. Data is written to both LUNs simultaneously.
D. Data is written to the active LUN and replicated to the mirrored LUN at specified time intervals.
Answer: C