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Question: 156
IAM's Policy Evaluation Logic always starts with a default ____________ for every request, except for those that use the AWS account's root security credentials b
A. Permit
B. Deny
C. Cancel
Answer: B   

Question: 157
By default, when an EBS volume is attached to a Windows instance, it may show up as any drive letter on the instance. You can change the settings of the _____ Service to set the drive letters of the EBS volumes per your specifications.
A. EBSConfig Service
B. AMIConfig Service
C. Ec2Config Service
D. Ec2-AMIConfig Service
Answer: C 
Question: 158

For each DB Instance class, what is the maximum size of associated storage capacity?
A. 5GB
B. 1TB
C. 2TB
D. 500GB
Answer: B 
Question: 159

SQL Server __________ store logins and passwords in the master database.
A. can be configured to but by default does not
B. doesn't
C. does
Answer: C 
Question: 160

What is Oracle SQL Developer?
A. An AWS developer who is an expert in Amazon RDS using both the Oracle and SQL Server DB engines
B. A graphical Java tool distributed without cost by Oracle.
C. It is a variant of the SQL Server Management Studio designed by Microsoft to support Oracle DBMS functionalities
D. A different DBMS released by Microsoft free of cost
Answer: B