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Question: 46
A certain script was recently altered by the author to meet certain security requirements, and needs to be executed on several critical servers. Which of the following describes the process of ensuring that the script being used was not altered by anyone other than the author?
A. Digital encryption
B. Digital signing
C. Password entropy
D. Code signing
Answer: D 
Question: 47

A company has asked their network engineer to list the major advantages for implementing a virtual environment in regards to cost. Which of the following would MOST likely be selected?
A. Ease of patch testing
B. Reducing physical footprint
C. Reduced network traffic
D. Isolation of applications
Answer: B 
Question: 48

The security administrator has been tasked with providing a solution that would not only eliminate the need for physical desktops, but would also centralize the location of all desktop applications, without losing physical control of any network devices. Which of the following would the security manager MOST likely implement?
C. PaaS
D. IaaS
Answer: B  
Question: 49

A company has decided to relocate and the security manager has been tasked to perform a site survey of the new location to help in the design of the physical infrastructure. The current location has video surveillance throughout the building and entryways.
The following requirements must be met:
Able to log entry of all employees in and out of specific areas
Access control into and out of all sensitive areas
Tailgating prevention
Which of the following would MOST likely be implemented to meet the above requirements and provide a secure solution? (Select TWO).
A. Discretionary Access control
B. Man trap
C. Visitor logs
D. Proximity readers
E. Motion detection sensors
Answer: B, D 
Question: 50

Which of the following refers to programs running in an isolated space to run untested code and prevents the code from making permanent changes to the OS kernel and other data on the host machine?
A. Input Validation
B. Application hardening
C. Code signing
D. Application sandboxing
Answer: D