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Version: 8.0
Question: 6

Cash compensation is a reward intended to provide what type of motivation?
A. Intrinsic
B. Extrinsic   
Answer: B 
Question: 7

Which of the following phrases best describes behavioral engagement by employees?
A. Values aligned with those of the organization
B. Showing passion for work
C. Feeling invested in corporate outcomes/results
D. Performing at an optimal level   
Answer: D 
Question: 8

Why is greater flexibility an advantage of a total rewards approach?
A. Because programs can be added and/or withdrawn with little employee resistance
B. Because incentive plans can be designed by work group or unit as well as separately for each employee
C. Because the mix of rewards offered can be tailored according to the organization's specific challenges   
Answer: C 
Question: 9

Which group typically has responsibility for final approval of the total rewards philosophy and strategy for the general employee population?
A. External consultants
B. Compensation committee
C. Board of directors
D. Senior management   
Answer: D 
Question: 10

What does a total rewards strategy identify?
A. The organization's reason for existence
B. The optimal mix of reward elements
C. The organization's primary competitors
D. The organization's ability to pay for performance   
Answer: B