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Version: 8.0  
Question: 46

Which functionality is provided by an HPE StoreVirtual Multi-site SAN when loss of a site causes loss of quorum in the management group?
A. The CMC can be used to recover quorum
B. The FOM at the DR site will take over automatically.
C. The quorum can be recovered manually
D. The quorum will failover automatically
Answer: A 
Question: 47

A customer needs array-integrated snapshot protection for a business-critical service. What must be included in your design to ensure that the snapshot represents the latest valid data?
A. OS-level snapshots
B. application-managed snapshots
C. RESTful API snapshot integration
D. point-in-time snapshots
Answer: B  
Question: 48

A customer is using a VMware vSpnere environment with existing HPE 3PAR StoreServ for primary storage and HPE StweOnce tor backup purposes. You are planning a maintenance window to update servers and storage firmware levels to current versions.
Once the storage equipment and new features are available, which additional options can you introduce to the customer to enhance VM application-consistent backups?
A. HPE Data Protector with Virtual Machine Catalyst license
B. Catalyst license tor HPE 3PAR StoreSeiv tor deduplicated application consistent snapshots
C. Recovery Manager Central with Express Protect
D. HPE Data Protector with HPE 3PAR Remote Copy Support
Answer: A 
Question: 49

A customer with multiple Oracle databases in their environment reports that users are experiencing slow application response time. You need to create an optimized solution for this customer. You monitored database performance using Oracle AWR server, and storage performance monitoring. The revealed that there is a high I/O wait and the average I/O latency is -30 ms. which Is causing slow response times.
Which solution should you propose to address the performance problem?
A. HPE 3PAR storage array with high performance spinning disks with HPE 16 GovsStoreFabnc
B. HPE 3PAR all-flash storage array with HPE 16 Gb/s StoreFabnc
C. HPE 3PAR Storage Array with a sufficient number of spinning disks with HPE 16 Gb/s StoreFabric
D. HPE 3PAR hybrid storage Array with spinning disks. Adaptive Flash Cache, and AO with HPE 16 Gb/s StoreFabric
Answer: B 
Question: 50

What must be considered when using Jumbo Frames in an iSCSl SAN environment?
A. Jumbo Frames are only supported on 1 Gb Ethernet networks
B. Only die network switches in the iSCSl network path will need to have Jumbo Frames enabled
C. All devices in the iSCSl network path must have Jumbo Frames enabled.
D. Jumbo Frames are not recommended m an iSCSl environment with multiple network switches.
Answer: C