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Vendor Microsoft
Exam Code mb2-719
Full Exam Name Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing
Certification Name Microsoft Dynamics

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Version: 7.0
Question: 1

You create a customer journey for a group of contact records.
You need to make the following modifications to the journey;
• Wait for a contact to respond to a survey and then move the contact along in the journey based on
values submitted in the survey.
• Move GO percent of the contacts on a different path in the journey than the other 40 percent.
What should you do?
A. Add invoke workflow and survey tiles.
B. Add scheduler and survey tiles.
C. Add event and record update tiles.
D. Add trigger and splitter tiles.
Answer: A 
Question: 2

You observe that some marketing emails that are part of customer journeys are not sent out.
Information about the emails displays in Customer Journey Blocked Email Insights.
You need to determine the cause for the issue.
What are three possible reasons why the emails are not sent? Each coned answer presents a
complete solution.
A. A Dynamics 365 internal error prevents email sends.
B. The contact has unsubscribed from receiving marketing emails.
C. The contact has been added to a suppression segment.
D. The contact record has a lowered General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) consent level.
E The contact's email server was not online when the email was sent
Answer: BDE 
Question: 3

You need to track customer journey page visits. Which content type tile should you use?
A. marketing page
B. event
C. activity
D. email message
Answer: B 
Question: 4

You plan to publish a customer journey.
You need to ensure that the journey includes all required content and settings.
Which option on the Customer journey command bar should you use?
A. Save as Template
B. Test
C. Flows
D. Check for Errors
Answer: D