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Question: 16
Traps endpoints send which three items directly to the ESM Server over port 2125 by default? (Choose three.)
A. Requests for software update packages 
B. Verdict requests 
C. WildFire malware reports 
D. Exploit prevention dumps 
E. Prevention events 
F. Heartbeats 
Answer: ACE   
Question: 17
Which three statements about the trusted publisher mechanism are true? (Choose three.)
A. The trusted-publisher mechanism blocks executables from running unless they are signed by a trusted publisher. 
B. The list of trusted publishers is maintained through content updates. 
C. The trusted-publisher mechanism takes precedence over verdict overrides by administrators. 
D. The trusted-publisher mechanism is called whenever an executable file would otherwise get an Unknown or No Connection verdict. 
E. The trusted-publisher mechanism allows trusted signed executables to run without seeking a WildFire verdict. 
F. No executable will be affected by the trusted-publisher mechanism unless it is signed by a publisher on a list maintained by Palo Alto Networks. 
Answer: BCD 
Question: 18

Which is the correct set of prerequisite software components for a production deployment of Endpoint Security Manager?
A. IIS, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server or SQLite, and an active WildFire subscription 
B. IIS, .NET, and Microsoft SQLite 
C. IIS, .NET, and any relational database 
D. IIS, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, and an SMTP email server 
E. IIS, .NET, and Microsoft SQL Server 
Answer: E 
Question: 19

Which two statements about file hashes are true? (Choose two.)
A. WildFire populates ESM Server's cache with hashes of files known from other customers to be malicious. 
B. The Traps agent caches the hashes of executable files for which it has verdicts. 
C. ESM Servers send hashes of application data files to WildFire. 
D. ESM Servers send hashes of executable files to WildFire. 
Answer: AC 
Question: 20

Which two statements about Local Analysis are true? (Choose two.)
A. Traps endpoint agents build a local analysis model based on the executables they detect. 
B. Local analysis is called to validate all verdicts on executable files before the files are allowed to run. 
C. Palo Alto Networks uses machine-learning techniques in its labs to build the local analysis model. 
D. Local analysis is called whenever an executable file would otherwise get an Unknown or No Connection verdict. 
Answer: CD